just before the holiday, we’ve gathered some articles for you about Sukkot:

Rabbi Reisman – Parshas B’reishis 5769 – Is the fact that the sun rises make it day (a Sibah), or no, there is a rotation of day and night that Hakodosh Boruch Hu set into the Briyah, and the suns synchronization to day and night is a Siman to that fact?

Rabbi Reisman – Shemini Atzeres – 5770 – Which Parsha is Lained in Eretz Yisrael like any other Parsha on Shabbos, however, in Chutz La’aretz it is not?

Rabbi Reisman – Sukkos 5772 – Chag Simchaseinu is not a time just to be happy but it is a time to be Misameiach with the Mitzvas Hashem

Rabbi Reisman – Sukkos 5771 – Pesach is in the spring and Sukkos is in the fall. They seem to be similar Yomim Tovim in a sense that they are both part of the Sholosh Regalim and therefore, their Halachos are basically the same. Yet on Sukkos we have things that we do not have on Pesach. We have for example the Ushpizim.

Rabbi Reisman – Sukkos 5770 – The most common P’sul in a Sukkah is for people who put up the walls after they put up the Schach.



In addition, We gathered for you some hearing lessons about Sukkot on this page.

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