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Using Hotel Kitchenette

Can one cook with one’s kosher frying pan on hotel kitchenette’s stove that’s cold?


If the stove is cold there is no problem. But if it is used for cooking it will get hot, and we don’t know if the stove-top is kosher or not.

The stove can be kashered be leaving the fire on for a quarter of an hour, but because the heat won’t necessarily reach all points of the stove (depends on the stove). It is however possible to pour boiling water on the stove-top, or alternatively to double-wrap the stove in aluminium foil before using with kosher pot.

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The Rema (451:4) writes with regard to Pesach that the grates require libun, referring to libun kal. It is not enough to turn on the fire, because of the parts that the fire does not reach, and one must apply the source of heat to all parts of the grates.

However, the Peri Megadim writes that this is a chumra, because the primary use of the grates is not for food, but for pots alone. Therefore, there is room to be lenient and to do hag’alah for the parts of the grates that the fire does not reach. See also Iggros Moshe (1:124) who likewise writes that the obligation to perform libbun is a chumra concerning Pesach alone.

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