Are you allowed to cut your nails during the nine days?


It is permitted to cut nails during the nine days. However, unless difficult one should refrain from doing so on the week of Tisha Be’Av itself.

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The Taz rules that one should refrain from cutting nails during the week of Tisha Be’Av alone.

The Magen Avraham, however, rules that even during the week of Tisha Be’Av it is permitted to cut nails, and this is forbidden only on Tisha Be’Av alone.

Therefore, in the Nine Days it is permitted, and on the week of Tisha Be’Av one can also be lenient where required.

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  1. Ashrei HaIsh from Rav Elyashiv says you can cut nails of adults only for Shabbos during 9 Days, but not otherwise – for children one can be meikel.

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