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Cleaning Lady with Meat Crock Pot

Is it allowed to leave my cleaning lady in the house alone with a crock pot meal cooking (she knows that I am going to work although I never told her)?


Yes, this is permitted.

The halachah concerning possible switching of meat refers to a case where the non-Jew might gain from the switch. There is surely no gain from switching a half-cooked piece of meat, and this won’t be a problem.

In addition, there is always a chance that somebody will come home from work (unless the non-Jew knows that there is no chance at all), and this will also be enough to prevent the concern.

See Yoreh De’ah 118:10.

Best wishes.

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  1. I am an ex Antwerpener and there was in my town a very religious family who had a Polish non Jewish help for years.After she leaves in her home country she left a notice in a local newspaper saying that during the last years of her work she put half a pack of butter in the pot of cholent every Friday evening. ( sorry for my english )

    1. Amazing! Who would believe it?! Of course, who knows if this is really true of not? However, in halachah we don’t have to be concerned for a non-Jew making things not kosher just out of hatred and spite, and only for a non-Jew’s potential gain from doing so.
      Best wishes.

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