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Wrapping Food in non-Kosher Microwave

What is the rule regarding using non-kosher microwaves?
I know that if I use two wrappings, my food will remain kosher.
I have two questions about the specifics:
1. How tightly wrapped does it have to be? Does it have to be completely air-tight sealed or just covered loosely?
2. What if I use a reusable container as my wrapping- what would the status of the outer container become? Will it become non-kosher? Can I still continue using it? Can I use it in direct contact with food or can I only use it as an outer wrapping from now on?
Thank you in advance for your time.


1. The wrapping does not have to be airtight, but has to entirely cover the food, without leaving any part of the food exposed.

2. If the microwave is clean it is permitted to use the reusable container, and it is not affected by use. This is because there is no beliya from one utensil to another, so that the container will remain kosher after use. As noted, the microwave has to be clean (in particular the area that will come into contact with the container).

Best wishes.

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