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Intrauterine Coil

My wife has a shila. She was told there is something that can be inserted in her (a coil) for about 5 years without getting her period. She is 39 and just had her 5th child and we are not going to be having any more children regardless as we aren’t the type that can have so many kids so close and she doesn’t want to have a child in young 40’s.

She was told there are different opinions on this.

Can you please give you understanding and quote the various poskim on who holds what on this? (ie. Rav Elyashiv, Rav Aurebach…)

We aren’t looking to take the easy way out and hold our hat with 1 lenient opinion of many, but we also dont’ take any chumros in anything. If there are valid opinions that say it’s muter that’s good enough for us.

Would like to know reasons on both sides if possible too.

Thanks so much.


One can be lenient in using an insert (intrauterine device) as a contraceptive method.

I’m not sure which type of insert you are referring to. There are many types, and it seems that the type you refer to is hormonal and affects the period in much the same way as the pill. To my knowledge all currently popular types are permitted.

This answer does not address the question of when it is right and permitted to use contraception, but only the suggested method.

Best wishes.


The classic intrauterine device creates an environment in which the sperm cannot fertilize the ovum.

This does not involve any prohibition. Rav Moshe Feinstein was concerned for causing bleeding and for interference with regular marital relations (see Even HaEzer 4:68-9) but today’s devices do not have these problems. See also Shut Tzitz Elezer 10:25 (10) who is lenient, as is Shut Shevet HaLevi (3:179).

Each halachic authority has his own approach concerning when it is appropriate to use methods of contraception. Because this is not the issue of the question we have limited the answer to the matter of the specific means of contraception.

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