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Torah Assignment to Non-Jewish Teacher

If someone writes a college thesis on the Jewish viewpoint of happiness including a lot of Torah sources, with the intent to submit it to a non Jewish professor for review. Would this fall under the issur of teaching Torah to a non Jew?


No, this is not a problem.

The Jewish viewpoint on happiness is relevant to non-Jews as well as to Jews, and therefore there is no problem in teaching it to non-Jews.

The prohibition of teaching Torah to non-Jews applies to areas of Torah learning that are specific to Jews, and in particular Talmudic law.

Also, because the intention is not to teach the non-Jew, but rather to give in an assignment, the prohibition will not apply.

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See Shut Yehudah Yaaleh (Vol. 1, Orach Chaim 4); Shut Meishiv Davar (Vol. 2, no. 77). Both write that the prohibition applies specifically to Talmudic law. See also Iggros Moshe (Yoreh De’ah 2:132) and Shut Seridei Eish (Vol. 2 nos. 55-6) concerning the intention to teach a non-Jew Torah. The Seridei Eish writes that the prohibition applies only when he is taught in the “way of a Jew.”


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