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Waiting for Kiddush

If a person follows the pious practice of not eating/ drinking outside the sukkah at all (on Sukkos), and right now he doesn’t have access to a sukkah (he will have a sukkah only later in the day), should he refrain from eating/ drinking (even if it means that he will be fasting past chatzos, which is forbidden on Sukkos)? Or should he break his custom and drink something, etc., outside the sukkah?

If a person doesn’t have anything to make Kiddush on Shabbos morning, and he expects to obtain wine or chamar medina only after chatzos, should he fast until such time as he obtains wine or chamar medina – even though it is generally forbidden to fast past chatzos on Shabbos? (Let’s say that he is already holding after davening, and he did not drink anything before davening started.)


1) Being that not eating out of the sukkah at all is a stringency, one would be permitted to eat in extenuating circumstances, certainly when it may otherwise lead to the prohibition of fasting.

2) He should start the meal with washing on bread, this is a fulfillment of kiddush in this scenario.

See Shulchan Aruch O:C 289:2, and 272:9.

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