If on Friday night one made Kiddush using a cup that holds 2.9 or 3 oz., even though it is preferable to use 4 or so oz. on Friday night, is he still yotzi, or should he repeat Kiddush?


He is yotze with this amount. In fact this is the amount that R’ Chaim Naeh, says is the amount of wine that is needed for kiddush. (86cc which equals 2.9 fl ounces), and you should not say kiddush over again.


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2 Responses to “Is a cup that holds 2.9 ounces good enough for kiddush”

  1. But according to Rav Moshe and the Chazon Ish, you need more than that. And Kiddush is d’oraysa safek d’oraysa lechumra?

    • JUst because it is d’orayso, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t yotza. Besides if he said V’yicholo already it is only d’rabonon.

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