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Marrying Girl with Same Name as Mother

I am seriously dating someone and I have the following question. My mother’s name is פסחה – Pescha- Female word for Passover, and the girl I’m dating is named פעשא – Pesha. I saw in one source that the name Pesha – פעשא – means Passover – female for Passover. Therefore, if I assume that the name פסחה – Pescha and פעשא – Pesha mean the same thing – Passover – female for Passover – is there an issue for us to get married based on Rabbi Yehudah HaChasid’s will where he says one may not marry a girl who has the same name as his own mother. Thank you for your time…


No, even though they have the same root and even meaning, they are 2 distinct names and pose no problem of the Tzaava of Rav Yehuda Hachasid.


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