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Phone as Alarm on Shabbos

I have a horrible memory and I just started having to take an important medication 3x’s a day. I keep my phone on me at all times and I have an alarm to remind me midday to take it. Skipping a dose of this medication can lead to serious side effects which could have me end up in the hospital. What can I do about shabbas? can I carry my phone on shabbas just for the alarm? The alarm eventually shuts off by itself so I wouldn’t have to shut it off. I can take the phone off after I take the medication. Thank you for helping me with my situation.


It would be preferable to use an alarm clock which is not a phone or connected to any other item prohibited for Shabbos use. An alarm on a watch would be fine. Or perhaps a small handheld clock/alarm. If this is impossible for some reason, and the phone is not a particularly expensive or delicate phone, there would be room for leniency to move it around for it’s use as an alarm, especially in your case where you are at risk without it.

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