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Calculating The Sabbath Day

Due to the fact that sources that I’ve looked at say Shabbat should be observed on the seventh day, but don’t say how that lines up with the christian week, is it acceptable to observe the shabbas on whichever day of the week you want as long as it’s consistent?


The seven day week is actually not chrisitian at all, rather the universally accepted way to divide up days in to weeks. This began with the creation of the world itself as mentioned in the Torah [Jewish Bible] right at the beginning of Genesis. Hence, the observation of Shabbat on the seventh day, corresponds specifically to the day G-d rested after creating the world, and sanctified as a day to remember that He in fact is the Creator and Sustainer of the world. This day is the secular “Saturday”, and so the Shabbat must be observed on this day only.


Rabbi Yehuda Halevi in his 12th century classic, “The Kuzari,” points to the source for the universally accepted week. He points to the striking fact that the vast majority of the world keeps a seven-day week—evidence that this must be a very ancient custom indeed. How did it begin? When Adam was banished from Eden on the first Friday afternoon of Creation, he rested that first Shabbat. He then counted six days and again rested on the seventh. Ever since, his offspring in many parts of the world have emulated this practice, living their lives by a seven-day week.

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