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Driveway Damages


In general , there is a yellow line, as a marker, on the sides of my driveway by the entrance to the street, so that cars that park in the street in the spots next to my driveway know exactly where to park so as not to block my driveway.

During the recent snow storm in New York, I shoveled out my driveway all the way till the street. Someone parked their car in the street in the spot next to my driveway and was basically parked behind the yellow line, besides for his license plate that stuck out a bit. That would have given me enough room to pull my car into my driveway on a normal basis, but since the snow was shoveled only enough for my car to just pull in (and a little more) this guys car was sticking into that narrow space making it difficult for me to pull in.

So I pulled into my driveway anyways very carefully, but being that it was so narrow I ended up scratching up his bumper and license plate and damaging my own car door.

I know that he was basically behind the yellow line, but he parked his car knowing that it’s partially blocking my driveway which was narrow at the time due to snow conditions , which he saw and must have realized. I couldn’t call him to move his car since I didn’t know who’s car it was and it was late at night.

Did I do what was right?
Am I Chayiv for his damages ?
Is he Chayiv for my damages?

Yasher Koach


From your description it sounds like the other car was parked legally and in a way considered the accepted norm. He may have parked before the snow came, and even if not it would seem he still had the right to park there. In that case you would be responsible for the damages you caused him.

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