Does a women who is immersing (counted 7 nkiyim etc.)
make a bracha even though she will not have relations (is it like netilas Yadim where you don'[t make a bracha if you aren’t going to eat bread)
How about if someone is SHechting A animal to throw to the dogs– does he make a bracha on the shchita??


Most opinions hold that since the actual immersion is a mitvah a brocho is recited even if no relations will occur. Also since physical contact is permitted that is also considered a mitzvah.  Regarding shechitah there is a difference of opinion whether the shechitah itself is a mitzvah or it only a “hechsher mitzvah” i.e. a way that allows us to eat meat. So subsequently one who is shechting to throw to the dogs if  a brocho is recited is dependent on the above dispute.



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2 Responses to “Does a wemon always make a Bracha on immersion ?”

  1. who says she makes a bracha if she isn’t going to have relations (the sources are about Shchitah)- did you fiond any sources for Toveling
    Would this apply to a single women who is Toveling for purity?????

    • Since even single women are niddas if she immerses most opinions hold that she would make a brocho. See Reb Shlomo Kluger- Kinas Ssofrim Hasmotos to Shiurey Taaroh 61, The Steipler- Kehilos Yaakov Yuma 21.

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