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Very Concerning


Dear Rabbis,

I am in my 40s today and learned some recently that my bris was not a bris. I was given a circumcision by a doctor as reported by my parents on the 2nd day of my life. I have a birth certificate from a reform synagogue that reports that I am given my hebrew name. I am of the feeling that My Torah skills are indeed improving and I have found that becoming a ba’al teshuvah has been good for my neshama. I get daily insight from my prayer and Torah learning. I feel that Hashem is well with me in ways as I continue repentance.

Still, I have known my hebrew name yet I can think that without a naming ceremony, is there a negativity considering the right of my own neshama to assume that the name given by the reform document is kosher or halachaic valid? I think that it is of course, yet I know that halacha would have much to say about a child who was not afforded a kosher bris.

What is my prerogative? I am yet of course still to be married and I have not been able to for years find parnasa in my field of work. My health is declining slightly and though I have some questionable disability, one wonders if this is a consideration in my good faith and good mazel.

What is the proper right of a man who was not afforded a bris? This is a very angry experience for me as a Jew.

Many thanks.


If you like the name given you can stay with it. Regarding your bris, I suggest you contact a local religious mohel and tell him your story,


Y:D 262:1 Taz 2 Pischey Teshuvah 4.

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