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soullmates and shidduchim


I am undergoing divorce…and the question is not about the divorce because i am sure of that and how wrong he was for me- not to mention how badly he mistreated me.

my question is, what if my REAL soulmate got married aleady? i know that we have something like 7 shidduchim and 1 soulmate..and believing that my husband was a shidduch..what if my soulmate is married and i missed my chance>?

could it be maybe that if HE IS married he is meant to be in that situation to learn something (like i was) so that he will divorce we will one day be together..?

i cant stop wondering what if my soulmate is already married..


I really sympathize with you and hope things will run smoothly. Souls are created in pairs male and female. If a person marries his/her soulmate, is called first match (zivug rishon) and if not called second match (zivug shen). A person never really knows who he married. I would stop worrying about it, the main thing is to find someone with good midos. Behatslacha!


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