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Yichud with a stepmother


A stepmother home alone with her step son of 16 and step daughter of 12


If the son and daughter are siblings it surely isn’t a problem. If they are not then it is controversial. R’ Moshe Feinstein ruled that yichud is permitted for a short time, but only if the stepmother is married.

Even according to the other poskim who say that it is yichud, this issue can be avoided by giving a key to a neighbor or to relatives and asking them to come in, in order hat it shouldn’t be yichud.  This question should really be discussed in person with a competent rov.


Igros Moshe E”H 4- 64,2, Nitei Gavriel Ychud 4- 6,7, Dvar Halacha siman 3- 3.

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  1. Can you please update the source in Igros Moshe to EH 4? Also, I think he is saying there that it is permitted only for a short time.

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