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My maternal grandmother is Jewish. Am I jewish?


Hello, rabbi. My maternal grandmother is from jewish origin, am I jewish, can I be considered jewish? Even If I didn’t grow up in a jewish home, or I’m not circumcised? Am I jewish? Thank you , rabbi.



The Law is that if your mother is Jewish then you are Jewish, and since your maternal grandmother is Jewish that makes your mother Jewish, which makes you Jewish. Yes, you are from the special nation that God choose to be a light ot the nations and gave them his special Bible, and His special land.

The fact that you didn’t grow up in a Jewish home, doesn’t change the facts of who you are in essence. You’re a special person because you were born into it. Also a Jew is a Jew even if he wasn’t yet circumcised, although we are commanded to be circumcised.

If you would like to find out more about you rich heritage, let me know.



Kiddushin 68b

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