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Stealing for non-kosher


Is it permissible to throw out or get rid of anyway a food that is not kosher that you are afraid someone is going to eat if not thrown out. Also does this din change if the one who owns the object is a parent or relative. Is this stealing, kibud av v’am , or baal tashcis etc. Thank you



Something that is not kosher may be given to a dog, cat etc. and you don’t have to throw it out, however if you don’t have any animals to give it to, it may be thrown out. This applies to most non- kosher things, however if it is a mixture of milk and meat that was cooked together then it must be discarded in a way that even animals will not benefit from it.

Regarding the second question, I need to know a little more about the specifics of the case to answer it.


Al Pachim Ketanim 2-11, in the name of Yalkut Avreich 3 pg. 119.


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  1. Basar b’chalav (meat cooked together with milk) may NOT be given to an animal under any circumstances (even if the animal will die if not given this food), since meat cooked together with milk is BIBLICALLY forbidden in benefit, and feeding an animal is an enjoyable activity and is considered deriving benefit (we see that people feed animals at the zoo, for example). The same applies to chametz during Pesach. By other non-kosher things, one may throw it to the dog, and it is a mitzvah to do so, to reward the dogs for not barking when we left Egypt.

    The second question is a very good question. We see that our forefather Avraham stole and smashed the idols of his father Terach, who was an idol worshipper, so that is a proof that one may steal or destroy something to prevent someone from doing a sin, though presumably one should compensate that person monetarily. However, this would only apply if there is no other way to prevent the sin, and the person who owns the non-kosher things does not have any permissible use for them (if the person could throw it to the dog, then there is no need to steal it, as maybe he will feed it to the dog instead of eating it himself).

    1. You are correct. My understanding of the question was that it was talking about standard trief things

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