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Birthday and name for a ger



First question: when does a ger celebrating his Jewish birthday – on the Jewish date of his birth or on the Jewish date of his giyur?

Second question: a ger with Jewish father – is this ger’s Jewish name “ben his father’s Jewish name” or “ben Avraham Avinu”?


1. He can celebrate both. One day to thank H-shem for giving him his neshoma, and this is surely the main birthday, however he can also celebrate on the day that H-shem gave him his physical body.

2. His name is Ben Avrohom Avinu, and not his physical father’s name, since when he became a ger he is considered reborn.


Tzitz Eliezer 19-45, Tevous Shemesh 169-26.

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  1. As the Rabbi who answered points out: giyur is “like an infant being born”, and therefore his/her “birthday” would be the date of giyur, referred to above as the ‘main’ one.

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