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Question regarding circumcision and becoming a convert


Good Morning everyone,
I’m a young man who was circumcised in 2015,
I do not know what I have to remove all the skin from the penis,
because they are semi- circonciso but not totally, can someone help me with that?
What is needed to convert or just do circumcision?


Doing circumcision correctly especially for a person that is semi- circumcised, is something that has to be done by a certified mohel, or possibly a surgeon.

In order to convert to Judaism, three things must be done. The first and most important part is that the person accepts the torah and the mitzvoth, and wants to act according to the mitzvoth of the torah. Without that, the person is asking to be a Jew without wanting to act Jewish! For this reason it is important that the conversion be done in an orthodox Beit Din, because you will want the conversion to be done seriously, and that it should be recognized all over the world.

The second part is to get circumcised with the intent to become Jewish, ( if the person is already circumcised, then they undergo a very small process called hatofas dam bris- a process that causes a drop of blood to bleed from the person).

The third part is immersing in a kosher mikvah- or ritual pool.

If you let me know where you are located I can help guide you to a certified mohel, and a proper Beit Din.

Best Wishes


Shuchan Aruch Yorah Deah 268

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