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Hefsek, bedikos


Is chorim sdaikm miakev bedieved, I’m ocd and I’m not sure if my wife does it bichorim vsdakim.


There are different opinions if chorim u’sdakim by a hefsek are meakev or not. However it doesn’t really matter in your case because, if your wife says that the bedikah came out alright, it includes that it was performed correctly. Assuming that she learned the halachos correctly and was explained what to do, she is beleived, because “eid achod ne’eman b’isurim”, and it is wrong for you to be nervous. 


Noda B’yehuda 46, Pischei Teshuva Y:D 196-9 &11, tzemach Tzedek Y:D 123-3.

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  1. I know that, but she learned the halachos a while ago and I’m not sure if she’d remember,
    Thanks a lot

    1. You can remind her of the halachos, or you can review the halachos together. Or she can review the halachos from the notes she most probably took when she was a kallah.

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