A person who forgot to request tal umatar in the bracho of Bareich Aleini has to request it in shomea tefila. If he already started Retzei, he goes back to Bareich Aleini.

Question: If one already started Retzei, and instead of reverting to Bareich Aleini, he reverted to the bracha of Shema Koleinu…. shomea tefilla and requested tal amateur there, does he repeat?



He doesn’t have to repeat SE.


Be’er Sarim- (New version) Likutim 41-2, brought in Shegiyos Mi Yavin 13 ftnt.17, (other’s say it is questionable)

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2 Responses to “Repeat SE if forgot vtain tal, and remembered by ritzei and went back to shma koleinu”

  1. This is a huge chiddush to me!!! So perhaps he should daven again as a voluntary prayer to satisfy his obligation according to all opinions?

    • I understand it very well. If he would go back to borech aleinu and he would forget to say it again, but he would remember in shema koleinu, would he be yotza? Yes. Therefore this is not any different b’dieved.

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