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Mitzvos Bein Adam Lachaveiro to Non-Jews


Why is it that so many mitzvos bein adam lachaveiro do not apply to non-Jews? Which mitzvos are we chayav to non-Jews?


I once heard a very nice answer to this question from R’ Zev Leff shlit’a.

There is no law in most countries that if someone hurts you that you may not take revenge, there is no law that you may not hate him, or to love your neighbor, or to speak lashon lora. There is no law in most countries that if you find a dollar on the floor that you have to return it to its owner. There is no law in most countries that an employer has to pay his worker before the end of the day. There is also no law prohibiting lending money on interest. Most of the mitzvos bein adom l’chaveiro that don’t apply to our relationship with non- Jews are mitzvos that they themselves don’t have laws. The torah did not obligate us to treat the gentiles in a better way then they treat themselves.

On the other hand, H-shem wants that the society among the Jews, should be one of unity and care for each other on a very high level. We are considered one soul and one family, Therefore the level that we have to treat each other is on a higher standard. By the way, any gentile that wants to join the club and the family is allowed to, as long as he means it seriously.

This does not in any way mean that we are to mistreat the gentiles. We must treat them with respect, honestly and nicely, however it is true that we treat the “family” on a different level.

We are not allowed to cheat or steal from a non- Jew, and even geneivas daas of a non Jew is not permitted.


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