I heard the Chazzon Ish was in doubt about this and wondering if there is anyone who says that one is obligated to rise for a scroll of navi like a Sefer Torah when it passes?


I am not aware of any such Chazon Ish.

We do not have to stand up for neviim. There is an opinion brought in the Bais Yosef Y:D 282 that we have to stand before a chumash, however we don’t paskin that way.


Meiri Kiddushin 33b, Aruch Hashulchan Y:D 282-4.

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6 Responses to “Does one stand for scrolls of neviim”

  1. I saw in the Kav Hayashar that he recommends following the stringent opinion to stand for a Chumash, even though technically we don’t pasken like that.

    • Is he referring to one on a klaf or even printed?

  2. Based on my recollection (I do not have this sefer handy, but I clearly remember learning this), he is talking about a printed Chumash, and encourages people to stand for it.

    • That is clearly not the halacha or the minhag. As a side point, it would cause people to have to stand up very often in a bais midrash, where people are carrying chumashim all the time.

  3. I recall it being mentioned that when a certain rav would walk (out of the shul), he would carry a Chumash in his hand, so that in addition to people standing up for him, they would also be standing for the Chumash.

    • That was most probably just a pious way to distract attention from the fact that he was leaving as if to gesture that thier standing up isn’t for him. The halacha and minhag still remain the same

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