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Are schnitzel crumbs meaty?


I ate a spoon of couscous which had a few minute crumbs leftover from my son’s schnitzel. Am I meaty?


You are.  The reason is because the crumbs of the schnitzel were fried or baked together with the schnitzel, and absorbed the meaty taste.

This may sound frustrating, but let me tell you a story. There was a very holy Jew that lived in Yerushalayim, his name was R’ Zalman Brizal Zt”l. One day his son was visiting him, and he invited him to stay and eat dinner with him, but his son refused. He asked him why, and his son told him , “he doesn’t want to make himself fleishig”. To this R’ Zalman replied, ” It’s funny, I specifically like eating fleishig, because after I eat fleishig l feel tied to Hashem for the next 6 hours”!


Y:D 89-3, that after eating a food that was cooking together with meat we have to wait. See R’ Akive Eiger. Een according to the Shach that if someone ate from a pot that was not washed out well that they don’t have to wait six hours, that is when the grease of the pot is not noticeable, but here she can seethe crumbs that are fleishig. R’ Y. Cahen shlit”a.

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