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Fufilling honoring parents even when not speaking


I need to break away from my parents. The relationship has turned toxic, and being around them is so triggering i end up not giving proper kavod. Am I halachically still fufilling kibud Av ve Em if I end the relationship?


This sounds very stressful and unfortunate, but there are such situations when a person has to move away from their parents in order to “keep the peace”. In a way it is a sort of negative kibud av vem, because although you are not actually fulfilling the mitzvah, at least you are not transgressing the mitzvah of morah av v’em, (to have reverence for ones parents and to refrain from doing disrespectful things to them). That said, it is still possible, to downgrade the relationship, and not end it totally. It is still possible to call them from time to time, etc. Besides, even if you have to alter the relationship, it should still be done in as respectful a way as possible.

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