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Don’t know mothers name


Dear Rabbi,

Another factor in the faith of my father is his mother who is 98. She is well and living today and has a future to be buried. She does not discuss this matter with my father other than he knows her intent. Perhaps her anger at Torah feelings however is a still considered faith and fate. She is to be buried with her 2nd husband whom my father did not like. Her burial will not be with her husband whom is my grandfather.

Her name is Gertrude and I do not know her mother’s name. Bas Sarah?

Yet the concern is that if she has difficulty discussing any jewish matters and she does, she will not be a living support of my father’s family matters in any sense Torah.

This to me seems another person whom must have a refuah shleimiah. I think this could help turn heaven on our side for more discussion in the future.

Many thanks.

B’H. Shalom.



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