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Making cheese


Is there anybody I can ask ashkenazi words brought down in commentators of shulhan aruj etc & they are written in Hebrew e.g. The word שווי״ג brought down by one of the commentators of ש״ע יו״ד ס׳קטו סק״ב it seems to be a place or something to do with the making of cheese


There are two seforim written to translate the French words found in Rashi in Tanach and gemorah. One is called La’azei Rashi B’tanach, by a Yosef Elchonon Greenberg, and Otzar La’azei Rashi by a Moshe Katan, on Tanach and gemora. Unfortunately both of these seforim are not specifically on the Shulchan Aruch. Otherwise maybe try a French– English Dictionary, or some other means of translating from French.

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