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If I buy a new sheital in the year of aveilus, does someone else have to wear it before me?


I bought a new sheital in my year of aveilus intending for a friend to wear it for 2 days before myself, however the sheital has obviously been tried at home by another woman as one side has been curled. Is this enough for it not be new? Or is it permissible to place it on the floor and gently stand on it perhaps? Or it must only be worn for 2 days by someone else for it to be permissable for me to wear?
Many thanks.


The purpose of having someone else wear it is in order that when you will wear it, it will not feel like a new shaitel. The fact that it was merely tried on by someone else will not be enough, because it still has that new feel to it. If standing on it will make it actually make it feel like it is used that would also be permitted, but if it will be done ever so gently that it shouldn’t get ruined I doubt that it will feel used afterwards.

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