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praising songs


what is the ruling today regarding the prohibition in the mishna sota 9,11 (songs praising a person)? how is it today regarding the songs about love between humans and songs about praising any person?



The Shulchan Aruch O:CH 560-3 says that we shouldn’t listen to music nowadays because of aveilus for the bais hamikdash. Nowadays many people listen to music, because very often it is needed to keep our spirits up that we shouldn’t get depressed, and it is a sort of medical need, or it may be done to enhance a persons yiras shomayim. Listening to love songs that are sung nowadays is very different and not permitted at all, because of the above prohibition, and additionally even in the time of the bais hamikdash it would have been strictly forbidden. The reason is because these songs are made in order to promote promiscuous and low behavior, and pull a person to commit numerous aveiros, such as having illicit thoughts, and doing lowly acts. Besides that these songs bring a person to the exact opposite of yiras shomayim.



Shevet Halevi 6- 69, Mishne Halachos 6-106.

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