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My business partner stole the money. Should he return double amount?


My business partner stole the money marking transfers to himself, as a merchandise. He made it trough and year, in multiple transactions.
I found it after a lot of efforts and he is agreeing to return the money without acknowledging and without apology.
I require an apology, the acknowledgement and that the return amount should be double (כפל גניבה)
Am I correct?

best regards


Although the Halachos of paying back double are mentioned in the torah, nowadays unfortunately it isn’t applicable because our batei din don’t have the jurisdiction to rule in regard to something that would be called a knas, (fine).

Regarding his acknowledging that he stole the money from you, it seems that he is acknowledging that he stole from you, because he is willing to pay you back the money.

Regarding an apology, it would be nice if he would be a man about it and apologize, and he has to ask your forgiveness, but on the other hand, after he has paid you back it would be the correct things to forgive him. The same way we want H-shem to forgive us for our sins, we should also forgive others for what they wronged us.



CH:M 348-4. Rema O:CH 606-1.

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