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Moshiach the teacher


Shalom, could you please help me with sources regarding Moshiach’s coming, specifically regarding him being a teacher. I am not referring to the ‘way’ he comes, namely be’ita or achishena in Isa. 60:22, but the issue of him being teacher and king. I remember studying a long time ago that the MAIN or the FIRST thing Moshiach will do is teach the secrets and/or wholeness of Torah. This refers to Moshiach the TEACHER and only later on he becomes the KING. Thank you.


I am not familiar with such a source, however the Rambam Hilchos Milachim 11-4, says that if there will be a king from the seed of david that will learned like him and will enforce all the Jews to keep the torah, then it is possible that he is the Moshiach. This would sound to be the opposite of what you are quoting, but it is possible that there are other sources that say differently than this. The Rambam 12-4 also says that the main reason that we are waiting for moshiach is not in order to rule over the world, but because then we will be able to engross ourselves in the divine torah and divine wisdom.

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