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Grandparent dies on week of Bar Mitzvah


A grandmother died and will be buried on Friday before har grandson’s becoming a Bar Mitzvah.
Does the family proceed with the Shabbat program as planned?
Will the children and spouse of the deceased be called to the Torah?
Will the Kiddush luncheon be held as planned?


This sounds very sad. Technically the family can continue with the plans, but you might feel that it isn’t an appropriate thing to do. There will definitely be some changes that are needed. Firstly any one of the aveilim, meaning the spouse and children of the deceased may not get an aliya to the torah, since they are in middle of shiva and an avel may not learn torah. Therefore he can’t get an aliya, since it is learning torah. The father of the bar mitzvah boy may attend the kiddush, but he may not eat. The other aveilim may not go to the kiddush.


Divrei Sofrim 400-20,

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