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Eating wheat cakes by kiddush on Shabbos


Can I use crackers that are similar to rice cakes but instead made from puffed wheat for kiddush bemakom seudah. even though the berochah is haadomah but they are made of wheat and therefore should be good for kiddush. i have enclosed a picture.


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You are asking an interesting question. On one hand the bracha is hoadamah, but on the other hand t is a type of food that is used for meals and maybe it could be used for Kiddush b’makom seuda.  The poskim discuss a similar question, can one use rice for Kiddush b’makom seuda, because we make a mezonos on it. The poskim say that we should use it, even though it is filling. The reason they give is because we don’t make a Al Hamichya, (or even Al hagefen or Al Haetz). Wheat cakes would be similar to this, that although it is from the 5 minim, nevertheless the reason its bracha is hoadomo is because it is not mazon, but like any other vegetable (See M:B 208-15).

If one is stuck he should drink a reviis of wine of grape juice, and if that isn’t available he can be lenient and it wouldn’t be worse than other fruits, that is one is stuck that he can be meikel for the daytime kiddush.


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