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When attending a Kiddush, and the person reciting Kiddush did not necessarily drink a melo lugmav, but rather only a sip, may one rely on such a Kiddush and eat a mezonos, especially if one will later on make his own Kiddush (before eating challa), and the Aruch Hashulchan is meikel that there is no obligation to drink a melo lugmav, and one does not wish to embarrass the person?


You can drink from the Kiddush and this way a maleh lugmov was consumed. Making Kiddush later on doesn’t help you here, because the issue is that you ate before hearing or being yotza Kiddush, (according to those who say that you are not yotza). If you can be meikel in order not to embarrass someone else, is hard to answer because it depends on the individual situation, you might think that he is embarrassed, but he really doesn’t even notice that you didn’t eat.

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