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Ezekiel tortillas (sprouted grain tortillas)


Can I said mezonot or shehakol for this tortilla??
I normally eat this as a wrap


I spoke with the Chof-K, the agency that gives the hashgocho in these tortillas, and I was told that essentially the bracha on them would be Hamotzei. The difference between using sprouted grain and regular wheat is that regular wheat is ground up and then the water and other ingredients are added, where as with sprouted grains, the sprouted grains are soaked until they sprout, then they are “mushed” together with water and the other ingredients and baked. Since the grains break in the process, its halacha would be the same as with regular flour.

Regarding the issue if tortillas are hamotzei or mezonos, it seems that the bracha on these tortillas would be the same as regular tortillas, when they are eaten as the bread of the meal.


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