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Brochos by Poolside


Can a women make a brocho poolside? If so, how clad shall she and the women there be? And assuming one needs to be fully clad ; would
it suffice turning away from the other women upon making the brocho?
Thank you very much


A woman may make a bracha when she at the pool. It is proper respect for the bracha and saying H-shem’s name that she be covered in a tznius way, and for married women to have her hair covered when actually reciting the bracha. However b’dieved if she is wearing a bathing suit it is permitted.

Regarding the other women at the pool, she may make a bracha etc. even though they are not dressed properly, (unless she can see the actual ervah of another woman, when she is standing). If there are women dressed in a way that she may not make a bracha, she may turn around to make the bracha.


O:CH 74-6, M:B ibid 22,24. Regarding other women- M:B 78-8.

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