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Hannukah candles


Dear Rabbi,

I understand of course we do not light candles after sabbath. I did not. We missed the 6th day lighting of our menorah’s.

Was this wrong or could we just have lighted the menorah on the 6th night. Is there a way to relight the 6th day ever another day or else another plan?




You are very correct, after the shabbos comes in we do not light the Chanukah candles, however the next night, after the shabbos we definitely light the candles. If you missed a night unfortunately there is no way to make it up. We cannot light six candles a different night because it is no longer the sixth night, rather the seventh night.  As a side point if you feel that you want to do something for the missed night, you might want to add a little oil the next night, (not that this is required at all, but at least you will feel that you did something to make it up.)

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    1. Interesting. The S:A 672-2 says clearly that there is no tashlumin for it, and all of the commentaries seem to agree with it

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