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Latest time to say Hallel and other Chanukah questions


I would appreciate if you would answer the following questions:
1) What is the latest time to say Hallel (on Chanuka)?
2) What is the latest time to say Ashrei and Aleinu – after Shacharis.
3) Am I allowed to light Chanuka candles with my husband and still be yotzei the mitzvah? If so, can we both say the bracha?
Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my questions.
Chanuka Samayach!


    1. While it is better to say hallel early in the day, as with all mitzvos, that they should be done as soon as possible nevertheless we may say hallel all day.
    2. Ashrei and Aleinu should be said adjacent to when you daven Shemona Esrei, and we should not go about our business before finishing to daven.
    3. It isn’t clear to me what you mean by lighting Chanukah candles with your husband.   The primary way the chazal set up the mitzvah of candle lighting is that the husband lights the candles and it is as if she also lit them, because “ishto kgufo” “a man’s wife is like himself”, therefore you don’t have to light separate candles.  If you specifically want to light your own menora you may, however it is preferable that you hear the bracha with your husband. (I am assuming that when you wrote “with your husband” that you don’t mean to hold the candle together and light it. If that is what you mean, then you should not say the bracha.)



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