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Going away for Shabbos Chanuka


A person who lives with his parents, but on Shabbos he goes to eat somewhere else and to sleep somewhere else (different from where he eats), where should he light erev Shabbos Chanukah? Wherever he is at plag hamincha?

The parents are frei and are not lighting. I will be away only on Friday night, returning motzoi Shabbos. I am sleeping in a house with a family (only there for sleeping). I will be leaving after Plag Hamincha on Friday, so i could light by my parents.


Yes you can. This is the place that you live, and the best place for you to light. In your situation it is even more so, because if you don’t light there, the main place that you live will not have candles.

Have a happy Chanukah



O:CH 677-1, M:B 12, Biur Halacha D:H B’makom.

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  1. If it is hard to light by the parents for some reason (they are frei), may I give money to my host to light for me? Should I give money to my eating or my sleeping host?

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