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Shalom Rav,
Is there a minimum or maximum percentage of one’s earnings one may donate in a year ?
Would it be a percentage f the gross earnings or net after tax earnings? My wife says to ask as she thinks there is.. Todah rabah Shlomo



  1. The amount of money that a person should give for tzedakah depends somewhat on the person’s earnings. If he person doesn’t have his needs, then he is not obligated to give maser, however he should still give some money to tzedakah. Most people are not in this category, and should give maser, which is a tenth to tzedakah. It is preferable however to give a fifth to tzedakah. (The Rambam says that a person that never loses out by giving tzedakah, and whatever he gives will be given back to him). Regarding giving more than a fifth the Shulchan Aruch says that one may, but the Rema says that it isn’t permitted. A person that is very rich may give more than a fifth. Also a person may giv more than a fifth of his money to tzedakah before he dies
  2. Calculation should be done with the net money that the person earning. Therefore business expenses, and income tax will can be deducted from your earings, therefore it is from the net income.


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