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One immersion blender


I have one immersion blender. Many times I will make a pareve soup in a clean fleishig pot and use the immersion blender. Today I want to make a pareve soup to serve at a dairy meal. I will make the soup in a clean dairy pot. Can I use the same immersion blender I use for pareve soups in my fleishig pot? And if yes, can dairy (cheese/yogurt) be added to this soup before serving (but of course after the blending)?


You may use the same blender, since the soups are not actually meaty or dairy, but were only cooked in meat or dairy pots. Regarding adding cheese to the soup from the milky pot; it would be permitted assuming that the soup from the meaty pot was not cooked in a pot that was used for meat within 24 hrs. therefore it would be permitted.


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