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Will the Moshiach


Hello How Are You!
Lately I’ve been thinking or wondering about since the Torah says Hashem wrestled with Yisrael and changed his name from Jacob to Yisrael I believe if I’m not mistaken.
My Question respectfully is is it possible Hashem will come and interact with the world during the end of days and then reveal himself as Ha Mashiach?


It was not H-shem who wrestled with Yackov, but the angle that was in charge of Esau, which essentially was a wrestle between Yackov and Esau. When Yackov won the match, Esau agreed that Yackov now has the upper hand and therefore his name was changes from being called Yackov, which means heel, to Yisroel which mean ruler.

Moshiach is not G-d Himself, rather a person that will be from the descendants of King David, and therefore it is isn’t as if G-d will interact with people as if he himself is a person, because G-d is G-d,and He isn’t physical, and the messiah is merely His messenger. The kingdom of G-d will be more revealed after the coming of moshiach because everyone will realize the He is the supreme ruler over the world.

I hope this clarifies things for you.

Best Wishes

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