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Haircut at end of Shloshim and Omer


My shloshim ends during the Omer, can I shave and/or get a haircut at the end of my shloshim


Hamkom yinachem eschem b’toch shar aveilei tazion v’yerushalayim.

If the shloshim is for any relative besides a parent, it would be permitted for you to take a haircut or shave if there is a big need to do so.  If however the aveilus is for a parent, then the aveilus regarding taking a haircut continues even after shloshim. However, if people on their own, are commenting to him that he needs a haircut then it would be permitted as far as the aveilus for a parent is concerned.



Sharei Teshuva 493-7, Birkei Yosef Kaf Hachayim 493-15,48, Divrei Sofrim 40-33, Nitei Gavriel (Aveilus Vol. 2) 6-1, Y:D 390-4.

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  1. I want to confirm, that assuming the shloshim is for a parent and someone tells me that I look deshevelled and need to get a haircut, and the shloshim ends prior to lag ba’omer can I get a haircut prior to lag ba’omer?

    1. Correct. But it has to be the the person came over to you to tell you that you need a haircut, but not that you like asked them to tell you that you need one.

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