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How to Connect with g-d towards prayer?


How can a person fully show gratitude to the almighty, without even understanding the hebrew words (read out) straight from the Sefer Torah? I heard, that reading in the language of hebrew is more dominant than the english version. If this is so? than how can I fully connect with g-d, in terms of concentration and understanding towards what I’m saying in prayer (Specifically only in hebrew words).



It is so nice that you want to get closer to G-d and develop a relationship with Him. You are asking a very good question. In order for you to connect to what you are saying when you pray, you have to understand what you are saying. There are a number of siddurim that come with an English translation, and there are even siddurim that are interlinear  (with the translation directly underneath the Hebrew word) and others that are transliterated, written with English letters. This way you can read the Hebrew part (in English letters) and also understand what you are saying and connect emotionally while you are praying. You can get such as siddur from Artscrool at 1-800-637-6724 or at the following link. It would be a good idea though, for you to get to learn more Hebrew, and with time you will get more accustomed to it, and gradually you will see that you will be able to connect even while saying the Hebrew words without any translation.  Aside from this, even though it is true that praying in Hebrew is more powerful, however you own personal concentration, and the easiest way for your heart to connect to what you are saying is also very important. Therefore during your prayer, when you feel a need to express yourself personally, and it will be deeper in English, say it that way.

If there is any other way that we can be of assistance please let us know.

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