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Mix up of meat and dairy /China plate


My babysitter used my favorite dairy China plate (where I used to place hot dairy foods) for hot cutlets (meat!!!)…I haven’t used that plate for six months and not sure if I should throw it out. What shoul I do ?


If the cutlets were indeed hot enough that you can’t hold on to it, then the china plate would need kashering. The problem is that we cannot kasher porcelain as it is considered a kli cheres and isn’t kasherable. However since there are a number of lenient factors here, you should wait 12 months from when the plate had the meat placed on it and then kasher it a boiling pot of water, (preferably three times) and then it may be used again.



Since there are a few lenient factors here; 1. The fact that the plate was not a ben yomo, and 2. the fact that the cutlet was not really a kli rishon, but only a solid that was in a kli rishon ,which is controversial if it is considered a kli rishon or not, and 3. the factor that 12 months have passed. Therefore we can rely on the opinion of the Avi Ezri that in certain circumstances we can kasher a kli cheres by koshering it three times. Horav B. Forst shlit”a.

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