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Buying clothes for after the nine days



  1. My son is going away in two weeks, the day after Tisha B’av and will need some items. Can I shop for him during the 9 days if he won’t wear or use any of it until after the 9 days?
  2. Also, can I bring something to the tailor to be fixed before the 9 days and pick it up during the 9 days? Can I bring it to the tailor during the 9 days — it wouldn’t be worn until after Tisha B;av




  1. The shopping should be done before the nine days and would only be permitted in extenuating circumstances, such as a place that these items can’t be bought after the nine days. However in your situation, it is not considered a davar ha’aved, sinceyou can buy them before the nine days.
  2. The items should be given to the tailor before the nine days, as during the nine days they should not be tailored.



  1. O:CH 551-7, M:B 46, Kovetz Halachos (Bein Hamitzarim) 12-4.
  2. M:B 551-51. Regarding giving the clothes to a non-Jewish tailor to fix, the Rema seems to permit this. However see the M:B 53 who quotes Magen Avrohom 25, that the reason for this is since the garment still has to be made, it isn’t considered in the Jews possession yet, therefore it would be considered like the gentile sewing his own item. Seemingly this would apply to a garment that has to be sewn, but not to something that is already sewn, but just needs alterations, because the garment is already considered the Jews. Therefore Kovetz Halachos (13-10) writes that it should not be given to a gentile to alter during the nine days.

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