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Answering Amen to Berichu in Kadish for ashkenaz in nusach sefard shul



If I am davening in a nusach sefard or nusach Ari shul and they answer in Kadish to berichu amen,
am I allowed to answer amen in an area of davening that I would be able to interrupt for amen but not for berichu, such as, in pesukei dezimra when it is during btween perakim?
Basically, does the amen to berichu in that nusach have the same status as the other Amen (not d’amiran be’alma and amen yehei).

Thank you very much.


According to most poskim, we would not answer amen instead of berich hu. The reason being because there is no obligation to answer at that time, and it is only because of a minhag, therefore we will not be mafsik during pesukei d’zimra for it. Similar to other amein’s of kaddish, that are not said during pesukei d’zimra


Igros Moshe O:CH 2-16, Tzitz Eliezer 11-3, Ishei Yisroel 16-5 in the name of R. S. Z. Auerbach. Kaf Hachayim (O:CH 51-10& 22 ) however says that it may be answered.

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