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Eating and Drinking while extended cycling


While on extended bike rides lasting 2 hours or more without stopping , sometimes over 4 hours, we are constantly eating dried fruits or other sources of carbs including Mezunous products sometimes like Fig bars, etc.. Is one brochu at the start enough for during the whole ride, and do you lose your brochu Achroina at some point since its more than 30/72 minutes? Thanks


When a person is traveling, i.e walking in the street or biking, and not in a specific place, the bracha that he makes while he is walking etc. counts for the all of the food he eats even though he is no longer in the place that he said the bracha.

Regarding a bracha achrona, we are allowed to make a bracha achrona up until 72 minutes after eating or until we are hungry again after the food that we ate, whichever amount of time is longer. Therefore since you are noshing every so often, and I would assume that it is more often than every 72 minutes, therefore each thing that you eat continues the meal, and you can make one bracha achrona at the end. If you know that you will be taking a long break and not eating, then make a bracha achrona then.


O:CH 184-5, M:B 18,20.

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